Bioplastics Bioplastics

Reduce the Use of Plastics

With the worldwide rising awareness force to reduce and reuse plastics, we have been standing at the forefront to produce and apply bioplastics such as CPLA and PBAT to achieve the goal.


Bioplastics are plastics made from renewable resources, usually plants, waste, or microorganisms such as PLA, CPLA, and PBAT from fossilbased materials, etc, to replace plastics with similar resilience and rigidity.

Our CPLA material (Crystallized Poly Lactic Acid), is made from cornstarch and other plants, making them sustainable, compostable and renewable. CPLA can be made into products when more heat resistance is needed and is completely comparable to traditional plastic products in terms of rigidity and strength, such as cutlery, takeaway food containers and coffee cup lids, etc., and we have obtained BPI certification for these products too.



  • Energy saving Energy saving

    Energy saving

  • Reduce carbon emission Reduce carbon emission

    Reduce carbon emission

  • Steam resistant Steam resistant

    Steam resistant

  • Water and grease repellent Water and grease repellent

    Water and grease repellent

  • BPA-free BPA-free


  • Odor-free Odor-free


  • Hot and cold foods Hot and cold foods

    Hot and cold foods

  • Dish washer and refrigerator safe Dish washer and refrigerator safe

    Dish washer and refrigerator safe

  • Sturdy & strong Sturdy & strong

    Sturdy & strong

  • Healthier for human beings Healthier for human beings

    Healthier for human beings

Eco-friendly Alternative

Eco-friendly Alternative

Your Future

  • Global Policies

    Global Policies

    In recent years, policies on banning and reducing Single-Use Plastics took effect in the European Union (EU), the U.S., and an increasing amount of countries. With the use of single-use plastics being discouraged, there is a huge potential demand for alternatives that are biodegradable in nature such as bioplastics.

  • Market Size

    Market Size

    The global bioplastics market size was worth around USD 21.30 billion in 2021 and is estimated to grow to a value worth of USD 81.64 billion by 2028.

  • Technology


    Through smart use of additives, petroleum refining, advanced production, bioplastics can achieve the advantages of PP and PS, so as to better replace plastics and foams with higher rigidity as a perfect alternative that is compostable.

  • Consumer Awareness

    Consumer Awareness

    More than a third of population across the globe are adopting environmentally free brands. The preference for environmentally-friendly products is increasing.




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Beverage service

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