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By our scale production of fully advanced automatic machines, we are capable of fullfilling customized products with cost advantage for our clients. We offer exclusive workshops and production lines catering to our clients' needs. Our manufacture facilities are equipped with strong R&D team as well as strict quality control system.

Our Culture: Respect, Trust, Accomplishment Our Culture: Respect, Trust, Accomplishment

Our Culture: Respect, Trust, Accomplishment

We ensure our employees thrive within an amicable and comfortable environment conducive to their professional growth and well-being.

Quality Control

Quality Control

We have a complete quality control system, monitoring raw material storage, production, finished product inspection and packaging.  

All products go through full inspections to guarantee quality is 100% up to standard. All products meet US FDA standards and ISO 9000 criteria for our quality management system. Global third-party's latest lab tests are conducted in a timely manner to ensure top food safety and consumer experience in every possible aspect.

Raw Materials & Equipment

All raw materials are certified by worldwide recognizable organizations, such as FSC, meeting relevant sustainability requirements, and ensuring the stability of quality.

Our fully automated equipment maintains the highest quality in the first place right off the production line.

All-round quality tester

All-round quality tester

Raw material monitoring

Raw material monitoring

Strict QC Process

From the entry of raw materials into our factory to the shipment of finished products, we will have the following four processes of QC testing.

  • IQC

    IQC (Incoming Quality Control)

    Raw materials Packaging materials etc…

  • IPQC

    IPQC (In-Process Quality Control)

    Flexo-printing Die-cutting Molding Packaging etc…

  • FQC

    FQC (Final Quality Control)

    Products overall quality Label information etc…

  • OQC

    OQC (Out-going Quality Control)

    PO accuracy Loading accuracy etc…

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