One-stop Customizable Solutions

One-stop Customizable Solutions
Catering to Your Needs

From market research, R&D, product design, and production to packaging, our team will create eco-friendly product development and packaging solutions uniquely tailored to your needs in a leading position.

Why Choose Us


Raw Material

We can integrate upstream resources of supply chain for more stable raw material cost, supply and quality in the long run. Our advantage on costing comes from our involvement over the futures market, which enabled us to secure a cost lower than market.

Raw Material

Cost Advantages

Our fully automated and large-scale production realizes scale effect and improve efficiency, empowering your products with cost advantages in the global market.

Cost Advantages

Keep You at
Leading Position

Design and create assortment as requested to meet market needs and keep clients at the leading position for innovations in the market.

Keep You at

Market Trend

Professional market and data analysis team to accurately capture the category market trends for your business.

Market Trend

Supply Chain

Integrate both upstream and downstream resources of the supply chain for more competitive raw materials, packaging supplies as well as more efficient logistics services.

Supply Chain


Expand our footprints on eco-friendly product lines, covering tableware, tissue paper, cutlery, kitchen bags, pet waste bags, wet wipes, and other fast moving household consumable goods, etc.



Contribute our efforts to make the world a better place for the future, and play our part to achieve clients's short-term sustainability goals.


Marketing Insight

Through market-specific insights and innovative thinking, we are providing leading eco-friendly tableware products and packaging
solutions to help your business reduce deforestation, reduce the use of plastics,
and eventually achieving carbon neutrality.
Using the data analysis and assortment strategy, we evaluate your business performance with complex
models to keep the top retailers and brands ahead of industry trends.

Increase Brand Value

We research and understand clients' needs and aspirations. We also review and evaluate your business processes.

Our innovative strategy highlights your product and accelerates your brand's performance when working seamlessly with design, machinery, and manufacturing to ensure new products are feasible in the marketplace, adding value to your brands.

  • Push Boundaries

    Push Boundaries

  • Sustain Growth

    Sustain Growth

  • Win the Market

    Win the Market

Exclusive and
Unprecedented Prospect

We offer you the exclusive solutions with all-around service.

We closely keep up with the dynamics to bring surge and boost in the long run and help with your continuous growth by leveraging our advantages in strategy, resources, technology, and integration.
We strive to ensure you are capable of achieving a sustainable business for years to come. Bring these together to unlock the future and win the market.

Category Strategy

We create customized products for retailers and brands in virtue of profound market insights, to advance and organize your category
with more tailored to your market.
We offer one stop service to suit your marketing and operational needs and keep you in a leading position in the global market.

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