Wood Pulp Wood Pulp

Reduce the Use of Plastics

With the worldwide rising awareness force to reduce and reuse plastics, we have been standing at the forefront to produce bioplastics and paper products to achieve the goal.

Wood Pulp

In order to better replace plastics and styrofoam with paper, we continue to invest in the field of paper product development. Our wood pulp products are FSC certified - all sourced from sustainably managed forestry. From this, we strive for a perfect choice for dishing up all your favorite everyday delicacy and more.

Wood Pulp


  • FSC certified FSC certified

    FSC certified

  • Cut-resistant Cut-resistant


  • MIicrowaveable (limited) MIicrowaveable (limited)

    MIicrowaveable (limited)

  • Soak-proof Soak-proof


  • Refrigerator Safe Refrigerator Safe

    Refrigerator Safe

  • Compostable Compostable


Eco-friendly Alternative

Eco-friendly Alternative

Production process

Production process

Your Future

  • Global Policies

    Global Policies

    In recent years, policies on banning and reducing Single-Use Plastics took effect in the European Union (EU), the U.S., and an increasing amount of countries. With the use of single-use plastics being discouraged, there is a huge potential demand for alternatives that are biodegradable in nature such as paper products.

  • Market Size

    Market Size

    The global compostable tableware market was valued at US$ 637.32 Mn in 2021, expected to reach a value worth of US$ 1.16 Bn by the end of 2031.

  • Technology


    Advancing technologies, automated production and exclusive production lines of paper products cater to a wide range of fresh needs.

  • Consumer Awareness

    Consumer Awareness

    More than a third of population across the globe are adopting environmentally free brands. The preference for environmentally-friendly products is surging.


Beverage service

Beverage service

More options

More options

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